Hitting The Road With Your Dog? Four Tips For Staying At A Pet-Friendly Hotel

Posted on: 11 July 2016

If you are traveling with your dog away from home, you may be lucky enough to take advantage of one of the growing number of pet-friendly hotels in the United States. However, traveling with a dog can come with its own set of headaches if you're not careful. Here are four tips to make your vacation with Fido more fun and stress free.

Consider grooming your dog before you go on your trip.

If you're going to be staying at a hotel that allows dogs, be considerate of the staff and future guests there. Make sure your dog has been bathed and treated for fleas or ticks before leaving home, so you don't leave any unwanted dirt or pests in your hotel room. If your dog has been treated with something that kills or repels fleas, it will also be protected if you visit any areas with a higher prevalence of these nasty little fur dwellers.

Take advantage of on-site pet services your hotel offers.

The exception to the rule above is if your hotel offers pet grooming services. Give yourself and your dog a treat and book a bath and grooming session for when you first check in, so your dog will be spick and span for your stay. You can enjoy the break from your pet by sightseeing or getting settled in your hotel room.

Professional pet grooming is especially nice if your dog is afraid of the shower at home or doesn't like having its nails trimmed. Pros who shampoo and wash dogs all day long know how to make your dog relax and have all the right products and tools to make your pooch look and smell like a prince or princess.

Bring your own pet food or order some for your destination.

Changing your dog's diet, especially while traveling, can cause gastric upset--the last thing you want when you're away from home. Ideally, you want to bring your dog's regular food with you on the road or arrange to have it waiting for you at your hotel. Either order your kibble online and have it shipped to the hotel, or ask the hotel concierge to take care of purchasing it for you.

Many pet-friendly hotels have beautiful buffets of dog treats and chewies. Let your dog enjoy a few special things, but don't go overboard lest you cause canine tummy troubles.

Carry emergency pet supplies with you just in case.

Are there items that you just can't do without when you're traveling with your dog? Make sure to take extras in case an item gets lost or damaged.

Of particular importance are leashes and collars while away from home. You don't need to replicate your regular equipment if it's pricey. You can find emergency collars, leashes, toys, and dishes today at discount and even dollar stores, and they'll do in a pinch to keep your pup safe and happy.

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