Use a Hotel Conference Room for Your Next Corporate Training Session

Posted on: 14 July 2016

When you own a large company that has multiple locations, it can sometimes be hard to train and socialize your employees with one another. A great way to ensure that everyone is on the same track with the way that they conduct business at your multiple locations is to have a training seminar for everyone at a hotel. There are hotel conference rooms that will be large enough for your many employees to fit into the space with ease. Use the guide below to know what things to take into consideration when choosing a conference room to use for your company's training seminar.

Consider the Location of the Hotel

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the location of the hotel. You want to be sure that none of your employees have to travel too far to be able to come to the seminar. Try to find a hotel that is centrally located between all of your stores so that most employees have to travel an equal distance to make it to the hotel.

Consider Asking for Discounted Hotel Costs

Some of your employees may want to stay the night in the hotel so that they do not have to drive back and forth from home to participate in all of the training. Since so many people will be coming to the seminar, there is a good chance that the hotel may be able to provide you with discounted rates for the multiple hotel rooms your employees will need. You could offer to pay for a portion of each room as well to make sure that everyone can afford to stay the night.

Consider the Electrical Components

Finally, you need to find out if the hotel conference room is equipped with a sound system and a projection screen so that you can project presentations onto it for everyone to see during the seminar. If the conference room is not equipped with either of these items, you need to find out what the restrictions are for your bringing your own sound system and projection devices. This will ensure that you are able to give the seminar you need to give without disrupting the other hotel guests.

Planning ahead for the seminar is important. You want to be sure that you book the room for the specific days that you need it. The hotel will take care of setting up the chairs and tables for you, but you will still need to make sure that all handouts, name tags, and electronic needs are set up well before the seminar begins.