4 Amenities To Check For At Your Hotel When Taking A Vacation Without Your Own Transportation

Posted on: 16 January 2017

Pretty much any destination you pick on the US map is going to be close enough to a rental car company that you can have access to that particular form of transportation if you want. However, you may rather not deal with the whole extra hassle and cost of renting a vehicle and will solely rely on your own two feet or public transportation to get around.

While this is a smart way to save, you should always make sure that wherever you choose to stay has the ability to cater to your choice. Check out these amenities and offerings you should be on the lookout for when you book your hotel and don't plan on having your own form of transportation while there.  

1. On-Site Dining Options - There can be a lot of dining options within walking distance even if you don't have a rental car or public transportation available. However, if the situation comes up that you cannot leave the hotel, whether it is because of bad weather, an illness, or otherwise, it will be helpful to have somewhere within the building where you can grab food or have it delivered to your room. 

2. Laundry Services - The last thing you are going to want to do if you plan to stay at a hotel for an extended period is to spend your days traveling to and from the laundry mat. Make sure the hotel you choose has laundry services onsite or available coin-operated washers and dryers for guests to use. 

3. Easy Access to Public Transit - Whatever hotel you pick, make sure there is a local bus stop and that taxi services do actually make a stop or travel to that particular location. If you pick a hotel that is far away from the nearest city, there may not even be a local bus route or taxi service at all, which would be a major damper on your travel plans. 

4. Close Proximity to the Airport - You may have access to public transit to and from the airport from the hotel, but if the place you plan to stay is miles away from the airport, you could easily spend enough time and money on bus and taxi fares to just rent a vehicle. Some hotels actually offer shuttle services to and from the airport, which is a good idea and can be complementary so it will not cost you a dime.