What To Pack For An El Salvador Surf Resort Vacation

Posted on: 28 January 2018

Located in Central America, the small nation of El Salvador is famous for its beaches and mountains. Surf resorts dot the country's coastline and range from rustic to luxurious. Whether you're a novice or long-time surfer, an El Salvador surf resort, like The Last Resort Mizata El Salvador, may be your ideal vacation destination. 

El Salvador's world-class waves provide the perfect situation for surfers, as well as a peaceful setting for their non-surfing family members and friends. The tiny country also offers a variety of cultural experiences, as well as many culinary delights for the foodies in your travel group. 

When planning your El Salvador surf resort vacation, make a comprehensive packing list a few days before you go to make sure you have the best trip possible. Bringing along all of the essentials as well as some comfort items will help ensure a smooth surfing adventure.

Here is a suggested surf resort packing list to get you started:

1. Specialized Surf Gear

While you may want to rent the bigger surf gear items to avoid having to take them on the plane, be sure to pack any specialized items that you need. Some examples include surf booties to avoid scrapes, callouses, or cuts, and 100% Lycra surf shorts or leggings to prevent sunburns. A surf hat featuring snug chin straps to help it stay in place may also be beneficial. 

Other surf gear items you may want to bring include board wax and a wax comb, leashes and leash ties, and extra fins in case of a breakage. 

2. Medical Essentials

Basic medical gear, such as bandages in various sizes, antibacterial cream, hydrogen peroxide, and rubbing alcohol pads, may come in handy, especially if the surf resort is in a rural location. Buy travel sizes whenever possible to reduce luggage weight. 

Also, don't forget to pack any medical prescriptions you may have, along with extra contacts or glasses, sunscreen, and bug repellent. 

3. Beach Wear

Bring at least two swimming suits along, one that you can use for surfing and another for relaxing on the beach. Pack a few cover-up items such as tank tops, shorts or skirts, as well as an absorbent beach towel.

4. Essential Documents 

You don't want to get all the way to the airport before realizing you forgot your essential documents, such as airline tickets, a passport, or a tourist card or visa if you plan on staying for a length of time. Place them in a handbag or carry-on bag the night before the trip.